What is the I am Mounir Masterclass?
I am Mounir is an exclusive online educational series offering access to the genius of social media and beauty transformation extraordinaire, Mounir. Within a series of education videos, you will be equipped and inspired to implement color techniques, cutting, styling, hair extension application and so much more.

Each session offers pre-recorded video of Mounir deconstructing each of his techniques and how to achieve his converted looks.

All videos have a voiceover and subtitles to make the content accessible to everyone.

How do I know what I will learn in the education class?
For information about the series, visit www.iammounir/sessions.
How much does it cost?
For session prices and packages, please visit www.iammounir/sessions
How many times can I watch the education videos?

You can play and reply the video up to 200 mins, considering you don’t pause the video for a long period of time. You should be able to watch the session up to 3 times. From the moment you redeem your license to a session you have 30 days to watch the video.

Mounir’s in person Masterclass to attend is usually starting at 1000 euro per ticket. You should consider this investment an equivalent to attending a live event or seminar but from the comfort of your own home where you can pause and take notes as well.

How do I know a new video has been release when I purchase a Multi-Session?

When you purchase a multi-session, the release of the new videos will be announced on @Mounir social media or you can visit the website for latest news.

Can I am Mounir educational videos be shared or recorded?

The I am Mounir educational videos are designated to the registered individual. Sharing of the video is prohibited and breaches international copyright laws.

What will happen if I copy, download, record or upload any of the videos?
Downloading, recording, uploading or sharing any of the videos is prohibited and will result in legal action.
Do I need to be a hair stylist to watch the education videos?
Beginners, intermediate or expert stylists can watch the video as well as anyone who would like to understand Mounir’s process to achieve his beautiful looks.
Do I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate of participation under ‘My account’ once you finish the lesson. The name and surname on the certificate are taken from the same name and surname field you entered in your profile. It is only one certificate per user.

What is the refund policy?

There are no Refunds. Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the termination of the service.

If you have any additional questions, please email info@iammounir.com

How can I watch the video?

Once you have purchased a session, login to your account and click on this link: https://www.iammounir.com/videos/

Is it possible to redeem another license for the same video?

You can re-watch the video in the allocated time without redeeming another license. Once the video is expired and you wish to watch it again, you will need to redeem another license. We highly recommend you allocate the time to watch the video in the initial timeframe.

What will happen if I redeem more than one license on the same video?

You will lose the license. Before you redeem the video please make sure you allocate the time to learn the content while you have access to it. Please ensure you have adequate time to focus on the class, without any disruption.

What will happen if I press play and I don’t get to watch the full video and I get interrupted?

Please don’t click play unless you are certain you have the time to watch the video. The video will expire after the allocated time. This training mirrors a live session or a masterclass, the difference is that you are learning from the comfort of your own computer, you can pause to take notes and you can watch the video again within that allocated time. It is best to eliminate all interruptions to get the most out of the session.

Can other users use my login details?

Passing your login details to other users is a breach of our terms and conditions. The content is for one user per license. Our system will lock you out as a result of two users watching with the same license or login.

What happens if the video doesn’t play on my browser?

Your network or browser setting could be blocking high resolution videos or some features of our session from playing.

Please try another browser we recommend Opera and use the function to turn on the VPN. “Open Your Opera Browser
1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Click on ‘Advanced’
3. Click on ‘Privacy & Security’
4. Scroll down and turn on VPN


How can I download the formulas used in the sessions?

Formulas can be downloaded via ‘My Account’ under the formulas tab. We highly recommend you download the formulas before you watch the video.

Where can I buy Mounir products?

You can email info@iammounir.com for details of a local distributors or visit www.mounireurope.eu or www.mounir.com.

I purchased a single ticket and I would like to upgrade, what should I do?

Please email info@iammounir.com and request a payment link for the balance.

What do I need to watch the online education session?

We highly recommend you allocate 2-3 hours when you are free without any disruption so you can replay the video if needed. This is a learning experience so make sure to haveWe highly recommend you allocate 2-3 hours when you are free without any disruption so you can replay the video if needed. This is a learning experience so make sure to have

• Computer, Desktop, Laptop, or iPad (Mobile phones are not ideal)

 • Good internet connection

• Notepad to take notes

• Pen 

• Adequate time to repeat the video if needed

• Headphones                                                                                                         

The purpose of the online education is to give you a better opportunity at learning. The sessions are as close as you can get to a live session or to a masterclass.

How do I watch a session?

1. Purchase your ticket1. Purchase your ticket

2. Login

 3. Go to the home page or click on this link https://www.iammounir.com/videos/

4. Select the session you would like to watch 

5. Click on watch now

6. The website will ask if you would like to redeem a license for this session. If you selected yes, from that moment you have 30 days to watch the session.

 7. To watch the session, press ‘Play’. You have 2 minute to confirm your bowser is playing, the sound, voice over or subtitles are all working ok.

 8. Please ensure you have adequate time to watch the session and please allow extra hours to replay the video again in case you missed something the first time. 

9. Please ensure you have a note pad and pen to write any notes or questions you may have.

10. Each user is entitled to 1 license and entitles them to watch the video and repeat watching the video a second time, as long as you don’t pause the video for an extended period of time and waste your allocated time on pause. 

What is the mentoring program (Coming Soon)?
The mentoring program is to help stylists troubleshoot real life beauty challenges. It is designed for stylists who have watched the I am Mounir educational videos and have real-life case questions to get them answered by Mounir. By submitting questions, they will have an opportunity to have Mounir review and advise on the best way to get the desired result.
What are the benefits of the I am Mounir mentoring program (Coming Soon)?
You will have the opportunity to describe your challenge in detail, include any photos to help explain and receive an email reply from Mounir. I am Mounir is made by stylists, for stylist. We want to help you become the best beauty professional you can be.